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Thanksgiving dinner. Photo © Sarah Ackerman, via creative commons and flickr

Food habits differ for us compared to the U.S.

On a visit south of the border some time ago, I found myself staring at the nutriional-information panel printed on a box of Triscuits. At first, I stared without really looking—after all, the “Low-Sodium Triscuit” product sold in the U.S. is the same as the “Low-Sodium Triscuit” product sold in Read more →

Chocolate bunny loses its ears. Photo © John-Paul Scoville, via creative commons.

Some notes about chocolate to consider
while you nibble on chocolate-bunny ears

How odd that April and May are the only months lacking chocolate-celebration days. Perhaps the oversight is due to the surfeit of chocolate-related celebrations in preceding months—Chocolate Cake Day (January 27), Nutella Day (February 5), Valentine’s Day (you know…), Chocolate Mint Day (February 19), Chocolate Caramel Day (March 10), and Read more →

Dead Annas hummingbird. Photo © Lenore M. Edman,, creative commons

Lights out for the planet and for the birds

Tonight, at 8:30 p.m., many people, businesses and institutions here on the eco-friendly south coast will be turning out the lights. We’re taking part in Earth Hour, an international grassroots event started by former-Pearson International College graduate Todd Sampson and now hosted by the World Wildlife Federation. The goal is Read more →