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Grape clusters. Photo © Scott Mair

Microbes make the wine: A toast to them

We rarely see grapes being crushed by foot these days, but visitors to the Cowichan Wine and Culinary Festival earlier this month witnessed an old-fashioned grape stomp. Seven teams, dressed in costume, with grape juice soaking the hems of their trousers, shorts, gowns and dresses, competed against each other to Read more →

Blackberries in season. Photo © Julie (hello-julie flickr)

Tips to survive open season on blackberries/Blackberry

Blackberry picking, like developing Blackberry devices, is a prickly business. When Nature Boy was growing up on the Mainland—long before e-mail or smartphones came along—his family would venture out to harvest THEIR blackberry patch near Pitt Meadows. Nature Boy always assumed danger duty. He’d armor himself with rubber boots and Read more →

Tomato salad

Supper from the garden

Five varieties of tomatoes, two kinds of peppers, and fresh herbs picked from the garden 10 minutes ago. Drizzled with a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Mmmm.

Food being prepared at an open-air food stall. Photo by Jirka Matousak

Victoria food scene titillates whole-body flavour sensations

Victoria recently licensed 26 mobile food vendors to ply downtown residents and workers with grab-and-go lunches. Although a far cry from the 114 wheeled eateries licensed to operate on Vancouver’s downtown streets, it’s a welcome start. Whether we’re eating tacos from the Puerto Vallarta Amigos truck at Yates and Wharf Read more →

Bee on geranium. Photo by Martina Rathgens,

Wild bumble bee species beating the odds facing most bees

This insect can recognize human faces. It can outsmart supercomputers in solving complex mathematical problems. When it’s ill, it self-medicates. It communicates through whole-body sign language that involves dance and orientation to both the sun and the insect’s home. It can even sniff out explosives from kilometres away. And while Read more →