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School kids in the 21st century, by Maryland GovPics

Education pendulum has swung too far

  Those of us who grew up in the last century heard all about how easy we had it. The tirade usually began, “When I was your age …” and continued with the Facts of Life. These included: “I had to be up at 3 a.m. to get to school Read more →

No cellphones, by Oscar Anton,

Texting from the loo a hazardous endeavour

  According to the most recent survey of cellphone use, these devices have now invaded every aspect of our lives. Seventy-five per cent of the survey’s respondents admitted to using handheld devices to text, talk, surf, purchase items and conduct business while attending to other business with another handheld device Read more →

Humans get more nutrition from tastier food

  ’Tis the season. Those who are dear to us gather near to us to feast, share and converse. We assemble around the groaning board, and retire from it, groaning, “I couldn’t eat another thing.” But when they pass around the coffee and the pumpkin pie, we gather our resources, Read more →

bald eagle, by Mark Stephenson

Careful: We really do become what we eat

Victoria Times Colonist, December 8, 2012—We’re in Courtenay at the end of this year’s salmon run. We’ve already seen two eagles fly over the Comox Air Force Museum like B-52 bombers with full payloads. From where we stand today on the banks of the Puntledge River, we spot three more Read more →

Choosing the island life has its consequences

Victoria Times Colonist, November 23, 2012—The words “isle” and “isolation” share linguistic roots. Both derive from the Latin word insula, which itself gives us the word “insulate”. A curious thing can happen to large-ish mammal species that live on isolated, insulated isles. Over long periods of time, some species become smaller. Read more →