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Poppies stay in style year round

I recently visited the Jimmy Choo and Christian Laboutin footwear displays in a much-trumpeted Lower Mainland department store. When a staff person approached me, I expected the usual “Can I help you?” Instead, the young man gestured at the poppy on my lapel. “This is the earliest I’ve ever seen Read more →

Pace of modern communications outstrips what the modern human brain evolved to deal with

Social media have democratized publishing. Now, anybody can spontaneously share their thoughts, opinions, photos, witticisms and criticisms, as well as what they ate for breakfast, with the world. This accessibility has permitted new voices to emerge, quiet voices to be heard, and the previously unspoken to be said. It has Read more →

Dallas Road cliffs. Photo © Stewart Butterfield, via flickr and Creative Commons

Erosion inevitable on park’s sea-side cliffs

We live in a part of the world many other people envy us for. We have ocean, mountains, beach, forests, a pretty darn awesome year-round climate for a place just south of the 49th parallel, and a number of big-town services and restaurants for what is, in many ways, a Read more →

Ferry pulling out of Tsawwassen. Photo © Richard Eriksson, via flickr and Creative Commons;

BC Ferries vessels join illustrious list of ships used to study B.C. waters

The Queen of Oak Bay ferry joins a long, illustrious list of vessels used for marine research off our coast. The B.C. Ferries vessel was recently outfitted with scientific instruments to sample ocean-surface and atmospheric conditions as it travels its Horseshoe Bay, West Vancouver–Departure Bay, Nanaimo run. The scientific equipment Read more →

Zombies. Photo © Gianluca Ramalho Misiti, via flickr and Creative Commons;

Infectious disease plays starring role in pop culture

Nature Boy lurches into the kitchen. Flu-ridden, his eyes are puffy and bloodshot, snot bubbles at his nostrils, and he breathes noisily through his mouth. “Can I get you something?” I ask. He reaches towards me, croaking something. “I’m sorry, did you just say ‘brains’?” _______________ Infectious disease plays a Read more →