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Checking email. Photo ©, via flickr and Creative Commons

Habits made possible by same processes that allow us to walk, talk, chew gum at same time

When he was younger and had more hair, Nature Boy often marked this time of year by resolving to break annoying habits. These included snacking between meals, spending too much time onscreen, sleeping until the last possible minute before getting up and getting ready for work, and so on. Year Read more →

Table Setting 74. Photo © Didriks, via Creative Commons and flickr.

Table settings affect perception and enjoyment of food served

“I’m setting out the small dinner plates,” Nature Boy announced the other evening as we prepared to welcome guests. “It will help pace us through the meal.” Nature Boy recently assumed responsibility for setting the table for evening meals. With meals round these parts typically being the quick and informal Read more →

Elevator buttons: dirtier than a toilet seat. Photo © Dan Taylor, via creative commons and flickr

Germy everyday items spread the nausea and squeamishness

Nature Boy recently scaled back using his hands. He stopped coughing and sneezing into them during the SARS outbreak in 2002. He now spews his sputum and microbes into the insides of his elbows. This prevents him from spreading his viruses to everything and everyone he touches. It’s all part Read more →

To eat dropped food or not: The 5-second Rule revisited

Nature Boy faced a dilemma last night. As the person tasked with the weekly grocery run, he had splurged on tenderloin steaks. As anyone who has recently emptied their wallets at the super market knows, buying high-end grilling meats these days practically requires pre-approval from a bank manager. According to Read more →

Supermoon. Photo © Robert Hensley (, via creative commons and flickr

Get ready for super-duper moon viewing

Nature Boy calls it a peri-gee whiz moon, because “gee whiz, doesn’t the moon look big!” That’s not its official name, of course. Neither is it a peri-Cheez Whiz moon, another moniker bandied about the household in recent weeks. When a massy-looking full moon last appeared—just last month, on the Read more →