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Museum Artifact Labels, Human Rights Defenders

Human Rights Defenders Exhibit Canadian Museum for Human Rights This exhibit features Canadians and others who have contributed significantly to human rights through their work and personal lives. View samples of my writing for this exhibit.  

Elephant. Photo © Jim Bowen, via flickr and Creative Commons

We obsess over celebrities’ tribulations and ignore widespread horrors

The killing of Cecil the Lion by big-game hunters in June outraged the world. Thirteen-year-old Cecil lived in Hwanga National Park, Zimbabwe, where he was a major attraction for wildlife tourists. He may have been lured out of the park prior to being killed. Yet this is one animal, albeit Read more →

Museum text for the interactive study table, Breaking the Silence gallery

Breaking the Silence interactive study table Canadian Museum for Human Rights In Breaking the Silence, a giant interactive table sits in the centre of the gallery, with points that expand with information when you touch them. The table explores 19 examples of genocide and mass atrocity from around the world, and breaks each event down into four Read more →

Protecting Rights in Canada. Photo © CMHR

Museum text for multimedia debate stations, Protecting Rights in Canada Gallery

Protecting Rights in Canada multimedia debate stations Canadian Museum for Human Rights The Protecting Rights in Canada exhibit includes a series of interactive stations where visitors watch news clips about, and read arguments for and against, key Canadian court cases that have defined humans rights in Canada—often on very divisive issues. Visitors are Read more →

Poppies stay in style year round

I recently visited the Jimmy Choo and Christian Laboutin footwear displays in a much-trumpeted Lower Mainland department store. When a staff person approached me, I expected the usual “Can I help you?” Instead, the young man gestured at the poppy on my lapel. “This is the earliest I’ve ever seen Read more →